Some Free Stuff if you are starting out

Some Free Stuff if you are starting out

Hey listen – We are pretty lazy here at All Ears. Reason being is that we are really focused on making high quality and entertaining audio. The reason we have this blog is to share some thoughts every once in awhile.


You have a podcast idea but you have a tight tight tight budget. You also like free things. If it’s for free it is for me and if it is true I will take two. That’s our rule of thumb here.


Anyway. We asked Chat GPT to provide us with some useful free tools and we will tell you if we agree or not:


Creating a podcast doesn’t have to be costly, as there are several free tools available that can help you get started with producing and publishing your show. (A little fib by Chat GPT. Nothing is truly free – you may get some free items but a lot of free tool platforms have options that are for premium paid subscribers. Choose the ones that could really benefit you).


Audacity: A popular open-source audio editing software that allows you to record, edit, and enhance your podcast episodes. It offers a range of features, including noise reduction and multi-track editing. (We literally built a podcast company with Audacity. It is one of the best if not the best free editing tool out there and there are tons of tutorials from the University of YouTube).


Spotify for Podcsaters: A comprehensive podcast creation platform that allows you to record and edit episodes directly in your web browser or mobile device. It also provides free hosting and distribution to major podcast directories. (Yay for free hosting! Boo for all the problems you get when you want to go to a better hosting provider. But there are a lot of inbuilt tools to help.)


Zencastr: A tool designed for remote podcast recording, Zencastr offers high-quality audio recording for multiple guests, which can then be automatically synced and downloaded for editing. (Chat GPT took this answer from a google search in 2020. Probably better to use something like Riverside cause it gives you audio and video for free with a certain limit. Also shout out to Clean Feed. You kept radio working during the pandemic)


Canva: While not specifically for audio editing, Canva is a free graphic design tool that can help you create eye-catching podcast cover art and promotional graphics. (Canva is good. Adobe Express is better. Would highly suggest getting the paid version)


LibreStock and Unsplash: Both platforms provide free high-quality images that you can use for your podcast cover art or social media posts. (Have never really used something like this but with AI artwork generation tools easily available, this seems a bit backward)


ID3 Tag Editor: To add metadata to your podcast episodes (e.g., title, author, artwork), you can use a free ID3 tag editor like Mp3tag. (Have never used this but it seems cool. If you are reading this comment it means that it works and we at All Ears are using it)


With these free tools at your disposal, you can produce, edit, and promote your podcast without breaking the bank, making it easier for aspiring podcasters to bring their ideas to life and share their content with the world. (Correct Monsieur GPT).


Too Long Didn’t Read: Audacity is the greatest free tool ever. Buy Adobe Express.

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